Athens City School System
Athens High School Athens, AL
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Charles, Lorian Assistant Principal
O'Rear, Mike Assistant Principal
Russell, Gia Assistant Principal
Wales, Susan Senior/Junior Counselor
Bolen, Chris Principal
Smith, Cliff Freshman/Sophomore Counselor

Adams, Roy Assistant Band Director
Armstrong, BJ History
Ballard, Eli Career Tech
Barksdale, Casie Family and Consumer Science
Barnes, Amy Physical Education
Barnes, Travis Science/ Softball / Cross Country Coach
Bates, Beth Science
Bell, Kim Mathematics/French/Geometry
Blair, Katie Art
Bobo, Beverly Art/Photography
Bowling, Don History/Golf Coach
Brown, Toni Special Education
Burks, Vicki Science
Chambers, James JROTC
Clark, Grace Science
Clem, Karen Mathematics
Collins, Isaac STEM/CTE
Comer, Mary Foreign Language
Creasy, Allen Physical Education/Football Coach
Dobbs, Gil ELL Specialist/English
Eckl, Pamela Family and Consumer Science
Ezell, Deborah English
Fitzgerald, Alaina Theater/ Head Volleyball Coach
Flippo, Rip Driver's Education
Foster, Brandi Business Administration/CTE
Green, DayLee English & Publications
Hamlett, Dorothy English
Hargrove, Donna Mathematics
Hicks, Paige History/Varsity Cheerleading Coach
Holladay, Deborah English
Jones, Lori Business Administration/CTE Teacher
Kelly, Lance History/SAFE Academy
Kirby, Stacy English
Latham, Janet Remediation/Technology/ Golf Coach
Malone, Ginger Mathematics
Malone, Lara Mathematics Department
Matthews, Jordan English
May, Michael Science Department
McBay, Nancy Mathematics
Murphree, Eddie Basketball Coach
Noah, Vicki Special Education
O'Rear, Mike Assistant Principal
Oakley, Ron Soccer Coach
Palmer, Becky Science
Pettus, Angela Mathematics/Technology
Prater, Julie Mathematics
Prater, Thad History/Football, Baseball Coach
Ray, Saran Media Specialist
Ricketts, Canna Special Education
Risner, Andrew Math
Sloan, Kim Science
Snider, Jonathan History/Football/Wrestling
Tedford, Amanda History
Tedford, Stace Physical Education / Varsity Basketball Coach
Terry, Daniel Mathematics
Townsend, Alycia Science Teacher
Umphrey, Pat Collarborative Education
Wagner, Angela English
Wales, Susan Senior/Junior Counselor
Wallace, Shaneka Business Administration/CTE
White, Nina History/Dept Chair/ Scholars' Bowl Coach
Williams, Steve Band
Willis, Angie English
Willis, Bradley Health - Assistant Basketball/Baseball Coach
Young, Mike History, Football and Baseball Coach
Young, Sonia Spanish

Austin, Charlotte Guidance Assistant
Brand, Tammie Attendance
Davis, Karen Cafeteria
Dobbs, Deborah Instructional Aide
Dorning, Brandi Nurse
Heery, Kristen Cafeteria
Hicks, Edna Cafeteria Managaer
Hinkle, Angie Cafeteria
Hubbard, Christy ACCESS Facilitator
Johnson, Sharon Library Aide
Keenon, Jonathan Custodian
Malone, Ramona Registrar
McFarland, Dixie Instructional Aide
Morton, Susan Bookkeeper
Nalley, Lamuel Custodian
Nelson, Connie Instructional Aide
Redus, Diane Custodian
Shoulders, Charlotte Custodian
Shoulders, Jerome Custodian
Shoulders, Sandra Cafeteria
Sims, Brian Custodian
Sutton, Peggy Secretary
Wilson, Johnie Cafeteria